DOC SHAKER - Guitar, Vocals and Percussion.
DAN VOLCE, Drums, Percussion and Vocals
JOHN BELL - Bass, Guitar and Vocals.
HENRI AUGERO -  Saxophone


"DOC" SHAKER - Doc started playing blues and British Invasion music at colleges, town halls and roadhouses in South Dakota in 1964. In the 60's he played in landmark clubs like "The Cafe Wah', The Hippidrome and Trudy Hellers in New york City. He moved to eastern Long Island and played and recorded through the 70's and 80's mmostly in NYC and The hamptons. Some of those bands were: The Tweed Ring, The Wall, The Sunrise HWY Band, The Muskrats and the NY Shakers. In 1989 Doc moved to Springhill, Florida and soon joined a local band as a drummer. He then formed several bands here in Florida including, The Big Foot Boogie Band, The Shakers, The Doc Shaker Band, Rhythm Xpress, Doc Shaker's Blues Remedy and Blues & Company before forming today's Big Foot .



JOHN BELL - John was born in 1965 in Berkeley IL. a suburb of Chicago. He grew up in a family who had a great apreciation for music. He started on piano, and was taught by his mother Jeanne. At the age of 11 he started taking guitar lessons from a great teacher named Stew Pierce. Stew also taught Bass and upright Bass. John took lessons from Stew for 9 years.

John is well known in the Pasco area for playing bass in many bands including Protocol. Big Foot, Just In Theory, The Kick, Contageous Grooves, Big Frank. Heads Up, Green Light District and Sun Spot Band just to name a few. He is also known for solo performances including Classical Guitar. John also plays the upright acoustic bass and ukelele.

John has been taught by many great teachers such as Philipe Lopez, José Maria and Bob Web who taught him a lot about flamenco and spanish classical guitar. John also studied with the great Tom Patten who showed him more about jazz. soul and R&B



DAN VOLCE - Former drummer in the band "Shy Town" , Dan  has been playing and recording most of his life.
He grew up in a music enviorment - His father is guitarist Doc Shaker,his brother Tom is a bass player,his brother Tim plays guitar,and his sister Lori plays guitar and bass. "There was always a band playing at the house growing up" said Dan. Dan is also a guitarist and songwriter. He joined Big Foot in 2012        


HENRI AUGERO - IHenri was born in south of France, studied music at a very early age and appeared on his first television show at the age of 15. He Graduated from the Nationnal music school of Marseille France at the age of 20 years old, and moved to the USA in 1998.